Survival Kit Ideas

Survival Kit Ideas

Basic Survival Kit Ideas

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Making a basic survival kit that you and your family can rely on in times of distress is something that every family needs to do.

Taking steps to make sure that you and your loved ones are prepared for any crisis that may hit is a great feeling, and it doesn’t take much time or money to make some basic preparations that can insure your safety.

Getting started is usually the most difficult step, so just by reading this article you are way ahead of the many others who may never get this far. Your family will benefit a great from you taking action.

So let’s talk about what goes into a basic survival.

Survival kits have been called various things over the years, from bug out bags to Get Out Of Dodge            ( GOOD ) bags, but they all have one common purpose; to provide what’s necessary for survival of your family unit in the hours following some sort of crisis or natural disaster.

These kits are not meant for long term survival, that’s another matter altogether. Mainly these kits are something lightweight, portable, always handy, something you can grab at a moment’s notice and put to use immediately.

These kits contain enough supplies so that your whoever is relying on them can survive for 48-72 hours, until your other, more long term plan can be implemented.

If you’re wondering why the 2-3 day window is always mentioned for this sort of short term survival kit, it’s because most disaster preparedness agencies normally state that they will be able to respond to emergencies and disasters within this type of time frame. Also, kits containing supplies for longer duration would fall out of the category of “grab and go” and not be very portable.

As far as contents goes, let’s consider the following:

  • Water – Each person will require about gallon of clean, fresh water daily
  • Shelter – You should have some way of making a rough shelter to protect you from the elements
  • Food – Enough food for each individual for 72 hours – or longer if possible
  • Fire – Having a way to make a fire can mean the difference between surviving and not

Those are the basic necessities, let’s take a look at each one individually, and then we’ll examine other “nice to have” items as well.

Water – It would be almost impossible to carry enough water for all the members of your party, it’s simply too difficult to transport. A basic rule of thumb is that adults need about one half gallon for hydration and another half-gallon for personal hygiene uses.

Take as much water as you can carry initially, but also know that you must have a way to collect water and also purify it. There are a number of lightweight, high quality kits on the market today that will allow you to purify water you have collected to make sure members of your party don’t get sick from consuming contaminated water.

Items such as iodine tablets and also simple things like coffee filters and even clean T-shirts can strain and filter your water supply to help remove contamination.

Fresh, clean water is essential to survival, so please don’t overlook this most basic necessity.

Shelter – A means of keeping the weather elements at bay will go a long way towards keeping everyone safe and healthy. It is also a great morale booster.

Basic shelter items like lightweight tarps and a rain poncho to keep dry are an absolutely necessary item. These devices are able to be folded up to tiny dimensions and are very easy to carry.

Some lengths of rope added to your kit will also be a great help when making a shelter to stay warm and dry. Even light tents can be added to your list of thing to take when disaster strikes, although you have to make a decision about how heavy is too heavy for your survival kit.

Food – Freeze dried food has come a long way over the years. Not only are they pretty tasty and nutritious, but they have become readily available at a lot of stores and online as well, making them more affordable to everyone.

You can certainly find something to please even the most finicky of eaters among today’s vast assortment of ready-to-eat meals.

These freeze dried options are lightweight and a supply of 3 days or more so you can have meals for each member of your party can be easily carried.

Fire – One of the most basic elements of survival is fire, it’s essential to keep warm and also for cooking and maybe even boiling your drinking water to help purify it.

You should have several means of creating fire, including waterproof matches and also a device called a magnesium stick. These devices are lightweight and simple to carry and will make starting a fire even in the most difficult conditions a lot easier to accomplish.

Don’t forget to pack a means of fire starting into your survival kit, it could mean the difference between being comfortable and safe and not surviving at all.

Red Cross "ready to go" preparedness kit
Disaster Kit

Other things that go well in survival kits include a flashlight, an axe or knife or some kind of cutting implement, first aid kits, and insect spray.

You may also want to toss in sun screen, a couple pairs of gloves, an old fashioned compass and a small battery powered radio to get news from the outside world. Cell phones are nice to have, but should be relied upon in case cell phone service is not available for an extended period.

Regarding where to go, you should have a plan in place to meet at a certain predetermined location. If some family members are away from home at the time an emergency strikes, all your family members should be very familiar with the meeting place, and also have a backup spot picked out as well if the primary spot is not available for some reason.

As far as when to actually put this plan into place, if you are ever under emergency orders to evacuate, this would be a good time to grab your bag and go. Defying evacuation orders can lead to problems and be extremely dangerous.

Aside from that, use your own judgment to keep yourself and your family safe through any crisis.

If you’d like to read more about family safety during a crisis, please take a look at my friend’s site. Frank Mitchell has developed a Family Survival System that is designed to keep you and other family members safe during any crisis or disaster.

In today’s uncertain world, being prepared for any type of disaster can give you a great feeling of peace and tranquility. Don’t overlook simple tasks you can do to keep your family safe.

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